Technical SEO Audit

No two websites are alike, and they often face a variety of issues that can negatively impact their visibility in search engines.

For instance, some websites may suffer from weak server performance, leading to slow page loading times. Others might inadvertently restrict Google’s access, hindering its ability to gather necessary data for improving the site’s search engine rankings. These are just a couple of examples of how your website’s visibility could be affected.

In conducting a website SEO audit, we take the time to understand your business and its processes. This enables us to offer the most effective recommendations tailored to your website. Our technical review identifies issues that are diminishing your site’s visibility in search engines and outlines steps to make your site more search engine friendly.

The Technical SEO Audit will detail our findings and provide a concise explanation of each problem. It will indicate the specific pages affected and the actions you can take to resolve these issues.

We believe in focusing on recommendations that will yield the most significant impact. While numerous tools can offer analysis, the prioritization of actions ultimately requires a human touch.

We’ll then incorporate these steps into your task management tool, arranging them in order of priority to maximize growth. We are conscious of the busy schedules of development teams and aim to avoid overloading your task list.

When implemented correctly, you’ll see positive results, as evidenced by data from sources like Google Search Console.

When things go the right way. Source: Google Search Console.

Our audit covers various aspects of your site, including:

  • performance reviews to assess the impact of Google algorithm updates
  • examination of canonical tags and hreflang configurations
  • analysis of SERP cannibalisation and query-to-page relevance
  • identification of soft-404 errors, infinite crawling spaces, and strategies for managing index bloat
  • review of faceted navigation, pagination, robots.txt, and URL parameters
  • investigation into rendering issues and JavaScript website coverage
  • website speed optimisation, including AMP implementations
  • analysis of link profiles, creation of disavow files, and link removal outreach campaigns

We will thoroughly analyse your website’s performance and guide you on how to enhance your site’s SEO.

SEO Technical Audit
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