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Technical Marketing Studio

Do you have a fantastic website, with nice graphics and a clean design, but it’s not moving up the search engine results page?

Has your site plateaued and you just can’t make it rank any higher?

Has a Google update hit your site and now you need to repair the damage?

Sounds like you need an SEO audit.

Contact us.

We provide:

  • Advanced SEO
  • Technical SEO audits
  • SEO migrations
  • Link-building services
  • Content writing
  • Digital marketing consultancy
  • Web development and other technical solutions

We’ll help you solve your SEO problems.

Experienced on the global level, working with major igaming and ecommerce brands. Helping websites that require E-A-T* signals and those that belong to the Y-M-Y-L** category.

* Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness

** Your Money Your Life

We build bespoke tools for our clients. Past projects include the XML hreflang sitemaps generator written in GO-lang, face detection algorithms applied to football images, selling gift cards for the mobile app, data scraping and website technical SEO migrations.


We’ve worked on SEO projects for websites in a variety of industries and niches. Took part in due diligence consultancy and digital transformation projects in the UK, US and France.

iGaming, Sports, Casino, and Poker websites

We re-developed a football news website to be later sold as part of the group of companies to the RacingPost. Experience with in-house SEO and agency roles.


We’ve provided services for clients from the UK and USA and for global brands and small and medium enterprises (SMEs). This has included specially tailored solutions for custom platforms with tools like the Hreflang XML Generator and the Technical SEO Tracker.


We’ve devised and implemented SEO strategies for SaaS clients to build their presence and visibility online. We’ve also optimised the user experience (UX) and worked on conversion rate optimisation for them at the top of the acquisition funnel. 

Food recipe blogs

We’ve helped clients implement structured data, which is an important SEO element and configure their content delivery network for image hosting and speedy delivery.

News websites

We’ve helped news websites implement accelerated mobile pages (AMPs) and follow best practices for doing this.

We’ve also provided recommendations for them to improve the speed of their websites and helped them to take the necessary steps.

Additionally, we’ve looked at voice search elements where applicable for news websites.

UK SMB’s we worked with

Clothing, bedroom furniture, home flooring, tiling, garden furniture, electric heaters, paints, financial services, accountants, food delivery, experience days providers and florists.


We work with:

  • Sales, e-commerce and content management platforms WordPress, Movable Type, PrestaShop, Salesforce Demandware, Shopify, X-Cart
  • Programming languages PHP, JavaScript, Golang, frameworks like Slim, template with Twig over JSON, as well as with API connectors
  • Jenkins, Gherkin and SVN Subversion software, FreeBSD managed hosting for selected clients
  • SEO tools Screaming Frog, URL Profiler, Ahrefs, SEMRush, Sistrix and Majestic
  • Google optimisation and analytics tools, Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio services


  • WordPress websites, database management and optimisation.
  • Our partner development platform for WordPress –
  • Custom crawling and data scraping solutions.
  • Payment systems integration and customised functionality, such as gift cards
  • Websites built with Slim framework, custom integrations
  • Technical migrations of static HTML websites, Joomla to WP, backed by SEO expertise


The team helped to build the website in 2007. Using Movable Type CMS, custom SEO templates, with the great content team, battling with InfoSec and IT Ops, we set it live and helped to transform it into the superb site it is today. is going from strength to strength growing 25% year on year since 2011.

Internet Marketing Direct helped to recover the Bedstar’s visibility, traffic and sales.

Long term client in the E-A-T space resurgence after the September 2019 Update following a series of recommendations and technical implementations.

Check out some of the clients who benefit from our services:

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