Hreflang configuration tool

We’ve built a tool that generates hreflang XML sitemap files based on a data table of URLs.

The data table is stored within Google Sheets to allow controlled multiple user access for the international marketing teams to populate.

Make a copy and share with [email protected]

The tool crawls each hreflang URL to validate it.

It also checks the value of the canonical tag on the page. If the canonical tag does not match the hreflang tag from the list, the URL is not included.

The output contains validated XML files.

Example hreflang XML sitemap files.

Only URLs where the hreflang and the canonical tag values match are included. The stats are presented in accessible way.

Submit the XML files through the Google Search Console / Index / Sitemaps for each domain:

Monitor Discovered URLs in the Google Search Console.

“Submit the XML file to Google Search Console / Sitemaps, but also use the URL Inspection tool to request indexation.”


Using the “International Targeting” report in the “Legacy Tools and Reports” section of Google Search Console to monitor progress:

The blue line and the and the (sitemaps) affix above indicate that your XML hreflang sitemaps are working.

It’s possible to use the tool in any cloud solution (dockerized).

Hreflang XML sitemap generator
If you would like us to help you with your hreflang configuration please let us know:
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