Website Migrations

We’ve planned and carried out several successful website migration projects.

One of the most challenging was the migration of a website which Google, under its Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) guidelines would consider a high-value site, and which had built a high level of expertise, authority and trust (EAT), three factors which Google measures to decide how much it trusts a website.

The site had been operating since 1997 in the form of static HTML files in 6 languages. We migrated it to WordPress without the slightest impact on the site’s Impressions and Clicks graphs.

How did we transfer the data?

By building a custom-made crawler for this website that knew what elements to avoid.

As you can imagine, 20 years of copying and pasting of HTML files through FTP had created a lovely HTML spaghetti for us to untangle.


If you need help with a site migration, contact us.

We’ll be happy to assist.